Weather Festival 2015

2015 Weather Festival :

3D  Mappping  on custom  wood structure  Weather Festival  2015 .

Custom 3D mapping Software (VVVV based) , Ableton, push, joystick (3d lighting control)

The main idea is to use ableton live  as a controller for the visuals with the benefits of all its musical / improvisation features (quantification, randomness and sequencing)
the  setup is quite simple we parse tracks and playing clips name’s(and color for some specific categories) from ableton to  vvvv  through OSC.
the track name define the category,
the clip name the patch or the media file to recall (with a dynamic Loader).
each track host a Max for live device with 8 parameters assigned to the corresponding vvvv content :
Mesh, Gsfx, medias, Texture Transform, mesh Transform, Multi Point Light, Defered Shadows, Alpha Sequences…etc

we also have specific 3D contents  like Particles and custom Geometry Shaders.
all the patch are audioreactive and synced to live’s tempo.
is based on name matching with some special keywords
eg: a clip named « random » on the media track use the mesh count and assign n random textures (media or generative) to the mesh.

the setup is bi-directional and wysiwyg :
recalling a patch update the 8 parameters values and names in live and on the push LCD screen.
Ableton Live allows on the fly recordings (automation curves inside a clip or clip sequences) with no impact on the system fps.
add to this the random (launch clip)  feature of  the live session view… the performance became limitless!


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