​2011 Holy Vj :


HolyVj is a performance including skateboards equipped with sensors, microphones and cameras generating sounds and images that are processed in real time via an artificial intelligence software and distributed a monumental immersive space. This installation could offers to the viewer « the object points of view ».

The performance space could become also a public space laboratory during the day, inviting people (not only skaters) to compose generative sound and images

Part I  : Teaser [2011]


Préquelle :  La Naissance, chapitre n°1 [2010]
sons générés par le microphone embarqué sur le skateboard et modifiés par les capteurs de positions
​audio generated by the on board microphone and manipulated by the accelerometer sensor
Track from the HolyVj performance
quadriphonic interactive score by charles sadoul


Art Director: Adelin “Blondin” Schweitzer
Performers: Mathieu “Kinder” Bueno & Luc ”Lucky” de la Basserue
Choreographer: Thomas “Black Smoke“ Walks
Sound programming: Charles “Nowhere” Sadoul
Visual programming: Cédric “Shagy tiger” Lachasse
Lights: HO7 – Julot « Grouser » & Dany « Focus »
Electronic: Biogène – Julien “Mistake” Marodoza
Construction: Alain “Kiki” Arraez
Picture: Laurence “Princess” Azzopardi

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